Dia y Medio

“Día y Medio (A Day and a Half) is the staggering new collaborative album by Berta Rojas and Paquito D’Rivera. In a word, Paraguay has much to celebrate and the world should be celebrating with them, especially in the new-found exposure to the amazing music of this amazing country. This new CD from Rojas and D’Rivera is the soundtrack of rediscovery and celebration. Rojas and D’Rivera perform so unabashedly and so flawlessly that one might lose sight of the musicianship as the beauty of the compositions shine through the perfect playing of each piece. This is what they have created—a partnership that has shined the spotlight on the composers and the music instead of their own unique virtuosity. This is rare. They make the listener hear Paraguay.”
Travis Rogers Jr., The Jazz Times

“Virtuous and moving”
Terra, Argentina

“Classical guitarist Berta Rojas is more than just another renowned concert artist; she is the international cultural ambassador of her homeland, Paraguay. As such, she’s long been on a one woman crusade to make better known the under appreciated classical music of this small South American nation. On Día y medio (OnMusic Recordings), a program of 12 duets with Cuban clarinetist and saxophonist Paquito D’Rivera, Rojas focuses on the compositions of Agustín Barrios and other 20th century Paraguayan composers whose work is largely unknown and begs more attention.”
Mark Holston, Latino Magazine

“Both the classical guitar and clarinet intertwined with sensitivity and passion”
La Nacion, Paraguay

Dia y Medio

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Nominated to the XIII Latin Grammy as Best Classical Album
Grammy Award Winner Paquito D’Rivera pairs with guitarist extraordinaire, Berta Rojas on an exciting and singular duet. Together, they pay tribute to jewels of the Paraguayan musical tradition including pieces by the great composer Agustin Barrios.



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