Salsa Roja

"In the hands of Berta Rojas, the classical guitar truly becomes the world’s instrument---a means of bridging wide cultural divides via the uncommon clarity and inherent loveliness of her music."

Mark Holston - Latina Magazine

"All is performed to perfection by an artist who seemingly takes everything in her stride…One runs out of superlatives when writing about Berta Rojas, it has all been said before, countless times."

Steve Marsh - Classical Guitar Magazine

"Berta Rojas is a musician of fascinating intellect and a great depth that reaches down to her very soul."

Raul da Gama - World Music Report

Salsa Roja

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Nominated to the XV Latin Grammy as “Best Classical Album.”

In this album, Berta Rojas pays tribute to Latin America. Salsa Roja, exudes elegance, sophistication and a sensuality that invites the listener to discover the many dimensions of the soul.



* Special Guests
The Recycled Instruments Orchestra of Cateura
conducted by
Edín Solís

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