"Berta Rojas has spoiled us once again with the best of her work, especially in her performance of the music of Barrios. One is left in a state of ecstasy listening to the sound of her guitar."
Rosalia Ciccioli - Ultima Hora / Paraguay / Nov, 22-07

"…the star is the Paraguayan guitarist Berta Rojas who adorns a landscape of scenic beauty, with Paraguayan forest, mountains and waterfalls…"

"It is visually captivating…"

"…Berta Rojas plays Barrios with insight sensibility and a profound understanding of the essentially improvisatory nature of his music…"
Colin Cooper – Classical Guitar Magazine

"With a high, though tasteful, production value, diverse selection of pieces, and a masterful performance by Rojas, the DVD provides an educational and entertaining look at one of Paraguay's most prolific and historically important guitarist and composer."

"As a performer, Rojas ranks among the top players of the day as she is both technically proficient and emotionally expressive on every piece. Her deep connection to the music of Barrios, and personal connection to the country of Paraguay, rings through every note and chord she plays."
Dr. Matthew Warnock – Modern Guitars Magazine


Berta Rojas Add to cart (21.00)
Add to cart (21.00)

Director Marcelo Martinessi leads us down the road to nostalgia. Eight video clips take us on a tour of Paraguay accompanied by a musical instrument: the guitar; a composer: Agustin Barrios; and a performer: Berta Rojas.

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